Annual Report 2016


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We maintain our ambition and targets for 2018

Vagn Sørensen, Chairman of the Board

Vagn Sørensen

Who we are

People have always had a need to communicate and for more than 130 years, TDC Group has ensured that people were connected. TDC Group aims to be the preferred provider of simple and digital communication solutions to enterprises and individuals as well as entertainment services in the home and on the move

  • Our business lines

    Our business lines

    • Consumer
    • Business
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    • Norway
  • Our people

    Our people

    Our Employees
  • Our markets

    Our markets

    TDC Group is the leading provider of communication and entertainment solutions in Denmark and the second-largest operator in the pay TV and broadband B2C markets in Norway

  • Our business model

    Our business model

    Our Business model

We succeeded with many of our objectives for 2016

Pernille Erenbjerg, Group Chief Executive Officer and President

Pernille Erenbjerg

Our 2018 strategy

Always Simpler and Better

Better connectivity,

by continuing to deliver the best speed, quality and coverage by uniting our unique asset

    In 2016...

  • ...over 50,000 households was upgraded to 1 gigabit broadband speed on all technologies
  • ...TDC Group’s 4G network covered over 99.5% of the Danish population, and independent tests have shown it is not only the best in Denmark but also one of the best in Europe
  • ...we had an average mobile download of 60 Mbps, which is 31 Mbps above the average of remaining operators in Denmark
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Better offerings,

and entertainment by delivering relevant products both today and tomorrow

    In 2016...

  • ...all consumer brands launched a visual voicemail app, giving a visual overview of voicemail messages
  • ...YouSee launched the new premium TV set-top box, which provides a new way of managing the TV experience and thereby obtaining the same interface across box, tablet and smartphone
  • ...TDC Business moved towards selling full communications solutions with the first one being the cloud-based TDC Skype for Business
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Better customer experience,

driven by best customer insights and digitalisation

    In 2016...

  • ...TDC Business launched a new self-service solution that has already cut service handling times for certain operations from 14 days to just 2 hours
  • ...YouSee introduced a new customer care programme called ‘Quality Time’ to reverse the trend in negative customer experiences by proactively preventing customer experience problems rather than simply fixing those that have arisen
  • ...all business lines increased their focus on customer insights as the basis for tailoring services to customer requirements. We estimate that customer insights will enhance customer loyalty and reduce churn
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Simplified digital operating model

  • Simplified B2B operations
  • Trim-to-invest
  • Simplified & standardised processes
  • Cost-efficient online focus
  • IT consolidation
  • Capex optimisation
Best customer satisfaction
Best cash flow generation

We maintain a strong financial and commercial discipline with a focus on generating cash flow

Stig Pastwa, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Stig Pastwa

We will deliver the best experience to our customers

Jens Aaløse, Senior Executive Vice President of Stakeholder Relations & Group Chief Customer Officer

Jens Aaløse

Key figures


Revenue decreased by


EBITDA decreased by


Capex increased by


EFCF decreased by

TDC Business is determined to be the preferred business partner for digital solutions in Denmark

Marina Lønning, Senior Executive Vice President of Business

Marina Lønning


TDC Group’s 2016 performance is explained in more detail in this section based on our traditional business line reporting

We will bundle more high-quality products for our household customers to deliver the best experience

Jaap Postma, Senior Executive Vice President of YouSee

Jaap Postma

Guidance 2016 and 2017

  • 2017 Guidance

    2016 actuals
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    2016 actuals
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    2016 actuals

    DKK per share

    will be paid out in Q1 2017



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    Stable or
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    DKK per share

    will be paid out in Q1 2018

We will continue the growth by delivering innovative customer experiences to households and businesses in Norway

Gunnar Evensen, Chief Executive Officer of Norway

Gunnar Evensen